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Photographer: Eva Erlandsson, Antiksafari

Pidis lada

The barn in Rådanefors between Färgelanda and Frändefors

Pidis barn is a well stocked and liked second hand place in beautiful Rådanefors. Here you can find lots of interesting items - from toys to antiques.

Pidis barn is worth the visit!

At Pidis Barn there is something for everyone! From toys, furniture, kítchen items, fishing gear, ornaments, instruments and a large assortment of LP records.

Cosy atmosfere where they offer you a Swedish fika.

Situated between Frändefors and Färgelanda, so easy access from both road 172 and the E45.

Check when open on FB page ”pidis lada loppis rådanefors” FB page.

Contact information

Pidis lada

Norra Rådane 2

46064 Färgelanda

Phone: +46 070 995 78 89

E-mail: Send e-mail