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Photographer: Birgitta Saunders

Trail Jällbyleden
Jällby, Herrljunga

Jällbyleden follows old roads and paths in the forest

The Jällby trail follows old mediveal paths between Herrljunga and Jällby


Quick facts Jällbytrail

Length: 10 km  

Time: 3-4 hours at a leisurely walking pace

Level of difficulty: Overall the trail is classed as moderate

Terräng: forest paths, forestry tracks and country roads

Markings: There are orange waymarks along the path.


The Jällby Trail goes through a beautiful,walks in slightly hilly terrain dotted with historic remains as well as lush forests. The walk along the Jällbyleden can be started in Herrljunga or in Jällby and is an A to B trail and not a tour trail. In a few places and over wet areas you can walk on wooden planks.

Trail Jällbyleden is part of the Herrljunga – Gäsenebygden pilgrim path which is about 47 km long

Jällby folklorecottage

Fact about the trail


Jällbyleden is about 10 km.

Approximate times:

Expect a walk of about 3-4 hours if you walk at a leisurely pace.


Jällbyleden is an approx. 10 km long medieval trail that follows old roads and forestpaths in the forest between Herrljunga Folkorepark at Haraberget in Herrljunga to Jällby Medieval Church.

In Herrljunga folklore park you will find around 15 old houses, here you can discover how the people in Herrljunga lived in the past. During the summer, the Herrljunga Homestead association organizes events in the park.

In Jällby, the path goes through an area with ancient burial grounds, standing stones and there is an opportunity to go for an extended walk along the Jällby ancient path, which is about 3 kilometers long.


Think about:

The Jällbyleden is an A to B trail and not a tour trail. Keep in mind that the trail is not a roundtour trail.

If you don't want to walk the trail back and forth, make sure to arrange a ride back.


The trail has orange markings on posts and trees.

Level of difficulty:

Overall the trail is classed as moderate. In a few places and over wet areas you can walk on wooden planks.

Start and end:

You can either start your walk in Herrljunga or in Jällby. Remeber that the trail is an A to B trail.

You find parkingspace close to where the trail starts in both Jällby and Herrljunga 

How to get here:

Starting your hike from Herrljunga.

From Herrljunga township, take the road towards Vedum and turn right just before Haraberget.

You find the parkinglot south of the folklore park, follow road that syas Skogsgatan where
there is a map showing the Jällbyleden. Train communication: If you come by train and want to hike the Jällbyleden, there is good train communication in
the Herrljunga urban area. From there it is a walk of approx. 1 km into Herrljunga urban area.

Local traffic: Order Local traffic from or to Jällby. you can find more information at
Närtrafik Herrljunga

Starting your hike from Jällby

If you want to start the hike in Jällby, you can drive Road 181 between Herrljunga and Borås,
after a few kilometers south of Herrljunga turn when you see the sign where it says Jällby.
Follow this gravelled road a couple of kilometers. At the exit in Jällby, turn right and
follow this road for a few hundred meters until you see the old homestead cottage on the
right side of the road. Parking is available on the opposite side of the road. A short distance away is Jällby church, where there is also the possibility to park.

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Contact information


524 32 Herrljunga

Phone: +46 0513 17000

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Website: herrljunga.se