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Photographer: © Karlsborgsturism

Ombo Islands

  • 07 Feb, 2022

Here you find Karlsborgs own archipelago – Ombo islands is a popular tourist destination with beautiful views and amazing sea life. People come here – both by land and sea – to experience the magical nature.

Ombo lies in the northern part of Vättern’s archipelago. The five hilly islands, with a dramatically look, have an irregular beach contrast and vertical mountain edges down into the water. Here you find nature harbors, bays, and lagoons with clay seabed. The bays where the wind reach sometimes has shingle rock seabed. On the island grows up to 300-year-old and partly wild wood like rocky ground pine forest with moss carpets.

The area between Ombo islands and the main land is called Djärknesundet. Here you also find the rocky ground pine forest on the mountain parts that goes out into the water. The terrain is very cut up, with a lot of opportunities for to dive from the cliffs or by the sand beaches where Djärknebäcken reach Vättern.

The land access is partly financed by EU-Life Nature.

Regulations for the public

  • Please feel welcome to visit the nature reserve on Ombo islands, but remember it’s not allowed to:
  • Drive any place except on car roads
  • Ride bikes or horses any place except car roads
  • Camping; includes trailers and tents
  • Park cars or trailers on any place that’s not marked as a parking space
  • Visit Ottreskären and islands outside of Lilla Harsundet (between 1/4 – 31/7)
  • Put up boards, signs, scripts, posters, billboards, and other similar devices
  • Make a fire, except designated places
  • Put up orientation controls, taped tracks, or have military exercises
  • Destroy or hurt the nature
  • Hurt or remove dead trees or windfall

The area is a part of EU’s ecological network of protected areas, Natura 2000.