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Photographer: Stefan Svensson

Trailer ramps for Boat

  • 24 May, 2022

Karlsborgs fortress

In Karlsborg you follow the signs towards the fortress, take a left on the road before the hostel, and continue past the workshops towards the Stonepier. The ramp is on the left side in the bay, where the road to the Stonepier start. It’s no secret there are many great fishing spots in the area outside of Karlsborgsviken, here people have been fishing salmon, trout, and char for many years.

Slope/Ramp foundation: concrete/concrete
Angle: slope/ramp approx. 10/17%
Width: 300 cm
Location: West
Parking: ramp visitors are directed to the parking by the fortress wall east of the ramp. See map by the ramp
Fee: 40kr


From the road 195, 15 km south of Karlsborg or 18 km north of Hjo, you find a sign with the text Brevik, take that road and keep driving for around 3 km. Then you see the ramp and harbor on the south side of the road. The ramp is located in the eastern corner of the harbor. Good ramp in a protected location. From Brevik you don’t have far to the shoal Flisen.

Slope/Ramp foundation: asphalt/concrete
Angle: approx. 10%
Width: 300 cm
Location: south
Parking: approx. 10 spots
Fee: 20kr


North of Karlsborg we find Vättern’s most famous spot for sport fishing. You get here by taking the road 49 on Vättern’s west side. Turn away from the 49 by the sign Granviks Herrgård. Then you drive right on the first road and follow the road to the bridge and all the way down. Granvik have cabins by the ramp.

Fishing for salmon is best from the late summer months all the time until the ramp freezes, if it does. During summer the char fishing is really good in the area. Windy autumn days is a good alternative to fishing salmon from the cliffs north of Granvik. Sometimes the harbor gets wavy from fresh winds or more from south-east.

Slope/Ramp foundation: concrete/concrete
Angle: approx. 15%
Width: 300 cm
Location: south-east
Parking: approx. 20 spots
Fee: -

Here you find a map to the boat ramps in Vättern