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Activities for large and small groups


Vrickade Teatern Härjevad
At Vrickade Teatern you can join workshops for activities such as physical theatre, pole dancing, juggling and acrobatics. You can tailor your activity to focus on developing and progressing with your business/operation. Food, drinks, fruit and snacks, etc. can be arranged as you require. 

Naven Outdoor Experience, Kållandsö
You can enjoy several relaxing hours on the sauna raft at Naven. The raft has a wood-fired sauna, hot tub and grill hut, where you can prepare your own food. It will be heated ready for your arrival and can accommodate parties of up to 15 people.

Lidköpings Bowlinghall, Lidköping
What about challenging your colleagues or friends to a bowling tournament? The bowling hall in Lidköping is within walking distance of the town centre, and offers 13 bowling lanes in two different halls. If you want a bite to eat at the same time, O’Learys restaurant is on hand in the same building.

Götene Bowlinghall, Götene
Bowling tournament or “herren på täppan” competition, there’s something for everyone! You also have the option of combined bowling and dining. You can compete individually or in teams. An enjoyable activity for strengthening team spirit among your group!

Ydergrens Båtcharter, Kållandsö
Ydergrens Båtcharter runs boat trips aboard two vessels, Ekskär and Ekefjord, each taking 12 passengers. A trip lasts between 2 to 3 hours, or as desired. If you would like to have lunch/refreshments, a stop en route can be planned in advance.

Kållandsö Skärgårdscharter
Trips depart from the café at Ullersund. Kållandsö Skärgårdscharter offers a variety of trips such as a cruise around Kållandsö island, fishing trips, diving trips and water taxi services. Everything can be tailored to your requirements. Enjoy the lapping of the waves against the boat while you spend some unhurried quality time together!
For bookings: +46 (0)70-5592084

Vänernatur Kållandsö
Interested in flora and fauna, and want to experience the town from the water? Take the opportunity to book a guided nature and culture tour with Hans Kongbäck of Vänernatur. You can plan your own tour, e.g. several hours on an island in Lake Vänern. The boat is suitable for 6-12 passengers and simple refreshments can be offered on board. 

Sigrid Storråda 
The home port of Viking ship Sigrid Storråda is Blomberg harbour at Kinnekulle. It is one of the largest sea-going Viking ships in the world with a full permit to carry passengers. Hire the ship with skipper for a trip and discover what it was like being out on the water in the distant past. Capacity: 15-45 passengers.

Evalds MTB, Lidköping
In the centre of town is Evalds MTB, where you can hire various types of bikes and equipment. Everything from standard road bikes to mountain bikes. Whether you want to take a tour of Lidköping and the surrounding area, head to Läckö or try out the mountain-bike trails on Kinnekulle, they are sure to have a bike to suit you. 

Kollängens Vandrarhem, Götene
Kollängens Vandrarhem stands at the foot of Kinnekulle. It has ladies’ bikes and even a tandem cycle available to hire. There are plenty of excellent excursion options departing from here. Why not head to the beaches along the shore of Lake Vänern? Or ride up onto the mountain, where you will find numerous hiking trails, mountain-bike trails and cultural landmarks. 

Hörviken Marina, the fishing village of Spiken, Läckö Strand, Läckö Golf Kållandsö all work together providing cycle hire on Kållandsö island. Comfortable ladies’ cycles that are smooth and easy to get around on. There are many excellent cycle trails out on Kållandsö, with Lake Vänern always close at hand. 

Skaparverkstaden Rörstrand Center, Lidköping
Welcome to Skaparverkstaden at Rörstrand Center. Get together with a group of colleagues or friends and learn the art of throwing and creating with clay. You will be supervised by potters at the workshop. You get to take your creations home with you. If you would like them to be fired and/or glazed, this can be offered on site.

E-sportcenter, Lidköping
E-sportcenter provides an outlet for your inner child! It’s a meeting place for anyone who loves playing on computers and consoles, digital entertainment culture and e-sports. There is a wide range of games on PC and console, all at great prices. It’s also possible to hire spots in a VIP room or for overnight gaming together with your mates. 

Charterfiske Skövde
Join full-time guide Ove Johansson on a fishing adventure. There are good chances of catching several different species of predatory fish in Lake Vänern. Some of the methods you can try include trolling, spin fishing and angling. Packages can be individually tailored, and whatever type of sport fishing you want to do, this is an experience for everyone. It’s a year-round activity; in winter you can try out jigging on the frozen lake.

Kållandsö Skärgårdscharter
Trips depart from the café at Ullersund. Kållandsö Skärgårdscharter offers fishing trips for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, a trip with Skärgårdscharter is great fun. Everything can be tailored to your requirements. Enjoy Lake Vänern’s fantastic fishing. 
For bookings: +46 (0)70-5592084

Stenbrottet Kinnekulle
The quarry (Stenbrottet) just outside Hällekis is stocked with both rainbow trout and char. Bring along your own refreshments and while away several hours fishing. A fishing permit is required, which entitles you to three salmonidae/permit, and these can be purchased from the tourist office in Lidköping and other locations. There is a shelter and barbecue area on site.

Äventyrsgården, Källby
Games and puzzles in a charming farm setting at the foot of Kinnekulle.  Together with an instructor you will split into teams and challenge one another at a variety of activities. The activities are based on large-scale games where you have to help one another in order to achieve a better result than the opposing team. The games have been adapted to suit almost all ages: 10-99 years and works for groups of 8-60 people. 

Motorstadion, Lidköping
Get your colleagues together to compete at go-karting on one of the foremost tracks in the world. This is one of Sweden’s longest tracks, at 1250 metres. Lidköping’s Motorstadion offers go-karting for all types of groups and group sizes. 

Guided town tour of Lidköping
Join a walking tour of Magnus de la Gardie’s fine town and hear about the history of the town on the other side of the river (“Älva”), which was there long before. Listen to the tale of how the Old Town Hall (Gamla Rådhuset) ended up on one of the largest market squares in the Nordic region, and much more. 
Bookable guide for walking tour of Lidköping: Adrian Taleny, tel: +46 (0)738-172460.

Guided nature tours on Kinnekulle
Go hiking with a nature guide on the flowering mountain of Kinnekulle. See the unique fauna in the many nature conservation areas where both lady’s slipper orchids and wild garlic grow. Visit the grand quarry with its fantastic geology or Råbäck Mechanical Stoneworks to see a preserved industrial heritage site.
Västgötaguide (Västergötland guide): Evert Jonsson tel. +46 (0)70-6426566
Nature guide: Bosse Hansson tel. +46 (0)70-8217295
Nature guide: Maria Thorell, e-mail kinnekulle@calluna.se 

Naven Outdoor Experience, Kållandsö
What could be more peaceful than gliding almost silently through the waters of Lake Vänern as part of a group? Paddle out into the picturesque Eken archipelago. Conditions are suitable for all types of kayakers. Naven Outdoor Experience offers ready-made tours of varying lengths as well as introductory courses and safety courses!

Lidköpings Kanotförening 
At the canoeing centre along the river Lidan you can hire both Canadian canoes and kayaks. Enjoy a canoe trip on the river Lidan. Take along a packed lunch and go ashore along the banks of the river. You can also hire canoes and transport them to an alternative departure location. 

Lidköpings Jaktskytteklubb
Clay-pigeon shooting always provides a sense of speed and action! Things go with quite a bang and the clay targets sail through the air at a rapid rate. Hitting them is, of course, the objective! A fun activity for anyone who enjoys pursuits requiring a certain degree of concentration and is not gun-shy. Ground hire with or without officials from the club.

Kinnekulle Ring, Kinnekulle 
Kinnekulle Ring plays host to a number of track-racing and rallycross competitions every year. The track is also used for a variety of other activities such as club meets for classic car clubs and other events. If you want to hire the track, please contact: +46 (0)511-580 18.

At Motorstadion in Lidköping you can try your hand at racing on a variety of classic tracks in Europe. There are six simulators featuring the latest hardware and software, guaranteeing a true-to-life experience. Open for both drop-in sessions and groups. Group max. 18-20 people. 

Brick Wall Studio
At Brick Wall Studio in Lidköping you can release your inner songbird and record your favourite song, or why not play an instrument of your choice? Anything is possible – musically speaking! A fun experience for the whole group. 
facebook.com/B.W.Swe Mauritz Petersson: +46 (0)702-893256

Bryggeriet i Götene, cheese shop
For cheese-lovers and those interested in seeing an old brewery from the inside, it’s possible to visit Bryggeriet i Götene as a pre-booked group. Cheese tastings can be tailored to visitor requirements. Please contact Ulrika Åkesson for booking or for more information. +46 (0)703-105630.  

Lucky Shot 
Paintball and activity park outside Götene.  You are out in the forest taking on a challenge at a high level. Adrenalin mixed with laughter. One moment it’s deadly serious, and the next you’re sitting round the table keenly discussing the latest match!

Filsbäcks Golf & Sport Pay ‘n’ Play
A fun, high-quality 12-hole course with ponds and undulating terrain. It’s a pay-and-play venue, so everyone is welcome to play. Clubs are available to hire on site and you can practise your swing on the driving range. 

KronoCamping has a wonderful relaxation centre that anyone can book. Enjoy the bubbles and unwind in a delightful setting. The jacuzzi and sauna are designed for 15 people, and there are seats in the form of deck chairs and seating groups for up to 15 people. 

Billys B&B
Billys Bed & Breakfast has a cosy outdoor spa with hot tub and sauna, with a glorious view across fields and countryside for you to enjoy. What about a barbecue party followed by hot tub and sauna? 

Hovby Airport
You can enjoy an extraordinary flying experience with Lidköpings Flygklubb. Give gliding a try and experience the sensation of sailing through the air.  
+46 (0)510-535 100

Medium Berith
Medium Berith is located out on Kållandsö island, but is also available to conduct seances at other locations. At a seance, personal messages are communicated from loved ones from the other side according to international guidelines for mediumship. You can also try requesting guidance from the Tarot cards.
Capacity: 10-15 people

Lidköpings Bowlinghall
Looking for an activity that requires concentration and accuracy yet is still challenging? Go along to the bowling hall in Lidköping and try out their shooting simulator. You can try everything from competition shooting to duels and much more. 

Läckö Castle
Ghost tours take place at Läckö Castle in the autumn. They run on selected dates, but group bookings are also possible at other times. It’s a creepy tour where you get to visit some of the secret rooms in the castle.

H2 Squash
If you’re looking for a physical activity where you get to set the pace, squash is a good option. You play two to a court, and you can play competitively or just for fun. Whatever you decide, you can be sure of an enjoyable and energetic workout. 

STC, Lidköping
If you’re looking for a great group fitness session, book with STC in Lidköping. Come to their premises and choose a session that suits you. Outdoor fitness sessions are also possible on site if appropriate. 

For any group looking for a challenging experience, a visit to Kroppslabbet is a good option. They can tailor activities to your requirements. Whether it be ninja training, climbing, obstacle course or pentathlon. 

KronoCamping, Lidköping
KronoCamping has crazy golf for all ages. With 12 varied and challenging courses in a wonderful setting, this is a fun experience for all. You can also enjoy excellent dining in the adjacent restaurant. 

Mellbygatans Restaurang, Lidköping
Mellbygatans Restaurang is listed in the White Guide, and you can come along as a group to sample a variety of beers. Take the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of beer in depth! Savour the aromas, the flavours, discuss and share an enjoyable evening.