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  • Photographer: Linnea Gustavsson

Naven Outdoor Experience

Canoe through beautiful countryside rich in wildlife

Welcome to Naven and a host of natural experiences at Kållandsö in Lidköping. Enjoy swimming, canoeing, a wood-fired sauna, and genuine country cottage accommodation – all part of what can only be described as a true back to nature experience.

Canoe, swim, walk and fish

Naven Outdoor Experience offers canoeing adventures at both Naven and Läckö Castle before continuing on through the Eken archipelago. Rent a kayak or canoe and make your way silently through beautiful countryside teeming with wildlife. Courses are available, as well as guided canoeing, walking and fishing tours. Lake Vänern has some of the country’s most interesting species of fish, including freshwater trout and salmon, pike and perch. If you wish, you can take your swimwear and picnic basket and discover the natural beauty of Vänern with just yourself for company.

  • Photographer: Jan-Erik Lindkvist

  • Photographer: Jan-Erik Lindkvist

  • Photographer: Carolina Hellström

Cottage accommodation and sauna raft

Book your accommodation on the Naven mainland in one of two cottages, with a total of 11 beds, both suitably built and equipped to cope with even the most unforgiving winter weather. There is also a four-berth caravan and nine motorhome sites down at the harbour. Each cottage has a mooring spot on the lake and access to the launching ramp. Two more cottages are available for rent at Traneberg Ersbäcken, located on the very edge of the forest close to the shore of Lake Vänern. The sauna raft is moored at Navudden, where you can enjoy the sunset over Lake Dalbo sitting in a wood-fired sauna, hot tub or barbecue hut. Available for hire, it is recommended for parties of up to 15 people.


Contact information

Naven Outdoor Experience

Kållandsö, Navensberg

53199 Lidköping

Phone: +46 510 101 91

E-mail: info@naven.se

Website: naven.se/en/