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Photographer: Stefan Svensson

Brommö archipelago nature reserve

Beautiful for hiking, cycling and swimming

Brommö with the adjacent islands around it is one of the most visited excursion destinations in the Mariestad archipelago. The nature reminds you of the west coast with bare rocks and sandy beaches together with gravel roads and forest trails for hiking and biking.

Brommö is an attractive excursion destination in the Vänern archipelago. The island is located north of Mariestad, west of Torsö which is Lake Vänern's largest island. Private car traffic is not allowed so you park the car at Brommösund on Torsö before you take the ferry over to Brommö. Once there, bicycles are available for rent if you do not choose to experience the island on foot. You can find the timetable for the ferry via the link below. You can also bring your own bicycle on the ferry.

Timetable Brommöfärjan

The nature on Brommö is reminiscent of the west coast with rocks and dunes. There are many lovely beaches for swimming and sunbathing. For outdoor life, there are marked hiking trails, windbreaks, dry toilets and fireplaces prepared. The windbreaks are pre-booked by phone: +46 10 471 80 11.

Pack what you want to eat and drink during your stay, there is no shop, kiosk or restaurant here. Summer restaurant open at Brommösund on the Torsö side.

Visit the Glasmagasinet at the ferry terminal while you wait for the ferry back from Brommö. There are amateur photos of people who lived their lives on Brommö. Open daily during the summer.

Cycling and hiking

Brommö is perfect for cycling and hiking. The marked hiking trail is 14 kilometers and starts and ends at the ferry terminal. With the exception of the section Knipan to Rukehamn, the trail is very easy to walk as most of it follows forest roads and wide paths.
The cycle path that runs on gravel roads is marked in a counterclockwise direction. If you follow the gravel roads along the beaches around the island, it will be a trip of 16 kilometers. Bicycles are available for rent, but can not be pre-booked. You can also bring your own bicycle. Mopeds are not allowed.

Bathing places

On the island there are several lovely beaches to choose from. There are rocks, dunes, clear blue water and shallow baths that are suitable for younger children.

Rövarsand and Store vite sand are located on the north side of the island and offer high dunes and also baths from rocks. From Rukehamn, on the west side, you wade, at low water levels, easily over to Hovden with nice coves. At the far south of Knipekulten is a small sandy beach at Sandvik.

You are welcome to visit the nature reserve Brommö archipelago, but keep in mind that it is not allowed to:

  • start at fire other than on fireplaces prepared by the nature conservation manager
  • drive a motor vehicle
  • moor a boat more than two days in a row in the same place
  • camp more than two days in a row in the same place
  • bring an unleashed dog ashore
  • affix a painting, poster or other disturbing device
  • in a disturbing way use radio, gramophone, tape recorder, musical instruments or the like
  • travel or stay in the areas indicated on the attached map during the period 1 April-31 July
  • felling or otherwise damaging standing dead trees
  • break twigs, trap or otherwise damage standing trees and shrubs.
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