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Photographer: Jay Mantri

A pillow for the night


Brålands Gård, Munkedal 
Rent a cottage or camp close to Örekilsälven. 

Hällerna Gård, Munkedal
Rent a room on a farm with horses close to Munkedal.

Liljedal Munkedal
Small flat in Munkedal close to Bohusleden.

MIF stugorna, Munkedal
Self-catering cottages in central Munkedal.
For renting please call 070-667 69 09.

Sjövallens IP, Hällevadsholm
Self-catering cottages in Hällevadsholm.
The cottages are located by lake Kolstorpevattnet.
For renting please call 0524-503 55.

Söbböns Skola, Söbbön Hedekas
Room to rent in Söbbön old school located next to Kynnefjäll.