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Hiking trails

For beginners and more advanced

Bohusleden is a hiking trail with its 370 kilometers stret­ching from Lindome in the south to Strömstad in the north. Bohusleden offers a varied nature and is divided into several stages. It is suitable both for those who want to be out hiking for a day and for those who want to hike for several days in one go.

On a stretch of 70 kilometers Bohusleden passes through the district of Munkedal and the historical border between Sweden and Norway. It crosses eight shelters, an overnight cabin, water, wilderness and cultural environments.

On Bottneberget in Bärfendal, you will find two hiking trails, one is 3 kilometer long and the other is 4 kilometers. The trails begin and end at Bärfendals hembygdsgård.

The hiking trail around Flaggberget is 2,5 kilometers. It starts at the golf course, runs east and turn north into the forest next to Corp de Logi.

Kasebo Kynnefjäll
Several of hiking trails starts at Kasebo, Kynnefjäll. Some of the trails connect with Bohusleden.

Kynnefjälls Natur
Kynnefjälls Natur offer you the possibility to experience Kynnefjäll.
Three hiking trails start at Kynnefjälls Natur and one of them connect with Bohusleden.

Maltes stig
At the outlet of Örekilsälvens lies Matltes stig, a walking path about
4,5 kilometers long. This path is very easy to walk.

The trail overTrebeneberget at Torreby is 7 kilometers and starts at Torreby golf course and goes west towards Färlevfjorden.

Viksjöleden goes from Hattefjäll bridge to Valbo Ryrs church. The trail is about 4.3 kilometers long and runs through a very varied landscape. The trail is somewhat "demanding" as it runs both along the lake edge and up at high altitudes. Boots or hiking boots are recommended especially at high water level in Viksjön.