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Photographer: JanOlof Karlsson


A recreation area

Kynnefjäll is a high plateau that spreads out across parts of Munkedal, Tanums and Dals Eds municipalitys and is a magnificent recreation area.

It is suitable for activities such as hiking, canoeing, fishing, mushroom and berry picking. The rift valley gives rise to many watercourses and lakes, and
is sometimes also called Vattenbergen. There are plenty of deer and moose, but also wolf, lynx, and beaver can be seen. From Kasebo in the northwest part of Munkedal district, there are several hiking trails of different lengths over Kynnefjäll.
Some of the trails connect with Bohusleden and several of them lead to Vaktarekullen where you can rest or even stay the night in the cabin.

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Munkedals Turistinformation

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