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Photographer: Jennie Mortensson

Around Skaftö

  • Christina Ingemarsdotter

For us, living or staying on Skaftö, it can sometimes be fine with an excursion for the day, or the night. Our surroundings are varied to say the least, on the east side narrow passes of calm water and green and lush scenery, while the west side is open with an archipelago of the round naked granite. To the north is the town of Lysekil and to the south the beautiful island of Herrmanö, a nature reserve with Gullholmen on the north side and Käringön off the southern tip ...

If you want to see more than Skaftö there are many opportunities for that. Take the ferry boat to Gåsö and go for a walk on the cliffs for the day.

Or why not take a ferry to Lysekil to experience the pulse of the city, perhaps a music performance, the port and the red rocks. On the quayside is Havets Hus, an aquarium with about 100 species from the western sea. If you go to the north - by car – Nordens Ark, a wildlife park engaged in concervation, rearing and training, is one hour away.

You can get to Bokenäset by car, bus or bike for walks at Kärlingesund. From there you can visit Bassholmen just across the water. Just make a phone call and you will be picked up. On Bassholmen there is a museum with rustic traditional boats. Stay over night at the hostel or return back home in the evening.

Take the ferry boat from Orust to Gullholmen, buy ice cream and enjoy all the beautiful old houses that jostle on the rocks or wander out on the rocks of Herrmanö to se rubble, salty meadows and moorlands. Hop onto the ferry to Käringön for a dinner at one the popular restaurants and stay overnight.

Rent your own boat and discover the Gåsö archipelago where you can go swimming everywhere, and the rocks are flat and soft on your back. See some of our seals on and around the outer rocks in the archipelago.

Experiences around Skaftö