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Photographer: Peter Lundberg

Emil Dahlbom Nilsson, ”Host of the Year” 2016

  • 21 Oct, 2016

A record number of nominations for ”Host of the Year” were received this year, and Emil Dahlbom Nilsson, harbor host in Grundsund's Harbor received by far the most. At the large meeting of the business network ”The City by the Sea”, Erik received his prize from Cia Säll from the Business Unit of Lysekil's County.

The justification for Emils "Host of the Year" award reads:
”The Host of the Year is a positive, happy and service oriented person. With a fantastic reception, Emil makes all visitors, whether by boat, car or on foot, feel welcome. Even the locals and others in Grundsund's harbor also find pleasure in Emil's warm smile and friendly manner. When a boat comes into the piers in Grundsund, Emil is quick to meet and greet the guests with a warm welcome and information of where they can dock. When the boat later casts off Emil's voice can be heard 'Welcome back!' Emil Nilsson is a worthy representative for Lysekil's County and especially tourism.”
Congratulations for the award of ”Host of the Year”, Emil!
- Thank you! I knew that I was going to be at the meeting, but I had no idea what it could lead to. I thought I was just representing Grundsund's Harbor. To receive this award was, in fact, very cool. I am a little dazed still!
Let us know a bit about your job as harbor host at Grundsund's Guest Harbor.
- You are not just harbor host. In a harbor, many people from all corners of the community come around, from the most inveterate natives to the lost tourist to the frustrated boat guest. Anything can happen, so you need to be very flexible. No day is like another, so, as I said, you must be flexible. You must be quick to both make decisions and to move from point A to point B. You must greet boat and other guests, regardless of which they are. But you figure it out pretty fast.
How have the boat guests behaved this summer?
- They have behaved relatively well. I was a little worried because we began to charge a daily fee. Many would go and visit for the day, then leave without paying despite using electricity and water. I was afraid that it would discourage guests, but on the other hand, we had the possibility to take in more overnight guests, so it worked out.
Otherwise, not so much has happened this year, really. There was more last year. Then we had a serious crash between two sailboats. One was in a hurry while docking and scraped up the entire side of the other boat already berthed. It was a huge commotion when both owners stood yelling at each other. It is really important at that point to know how not to step into the controversy between the boat owners. We don't have that responsibility, but we can make it easier for the owners to come to an agreement. To the best of my knowledge, the police were not involved as both owners saw that they could work it out after they had calmed down.
- I have good support from my boss and coworkers in this type of situation. We are a very tight team that trust each other. There is freedom with responsibility. We are not afraid to ask each other for advice or hands-on help.
You are flying soon to Luleå. What are you doing there? 
- I will be continuing my studies in Political Science at Luleå Technical University, with an emphasis in Political and Societal Development.
Will we be seeing you as Harbor host in Grundsund even next summer?
- I can't answer that, but I promise that I will apply, and if I get the job, I will definitely be back. It is an unbelievably fun job, and I have never felt so appreciated as at Grundsund.
Hans Gunnarsson, Harbor Captain, Grundsund’s Harbor, Emil received the award for ”Host of the Year”.
- He was very much worth it! And as far as I’m concerned, he is hired, end of conversation. But he has to apply; it is mandatory.
How has the season 2016 been?
- Bottom line, somewhat better. The late summer was nice, but there were only 10 nice days in July this year. We had around 2000 guests last year, and I believe we got up to 2100 this year. 
If you'd like to follow what is happening at Grundsund Guest Harbor, you will find them on Facebook here.