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Photographer: Bernt Åkesson

Skaftö and Easter

  • 13 Feb, 2017
  • Christina Ingemarsdotter

The first major public holiday - and many of us have longed for it!

There are plenty of people now, both summer residents and all kinds of friends come out to enjoy the early springtime. Cottages are cleaned, there are fresh flowers in the windows, bikes are picked up and some are already working with their boats.

If we are lucky, the valleys at Vägeröd are full of hepaticas for the weekend and perhaps the first butterflies thrive in sunny places a little away from the wind. Normally it is a little chilly by the sea, but sheltered from the wind a little bit up we can sit in the sun with our faces lifted towards it and enjoy its warm beams. Our shoulders go down and time becomes irrelevant.

The weekend is long enough for both Easter lunch with guests and visits to a restaurant. Many of the restaurants on Skaftö open up this weekend and there is always something new to discover. New owners, new menues, a remodeling inside or outside. Eating at restaurants is a pleasure so for the restaurant keepers it is important to have good food and the customers in mind. We have seen many chefs develop into food artists here on the island.

Easter is also a weekend for walks. There are endless cheering and hugging on our footpaths. - Now it is time again! ... We see each other again after the winter holidays and the time we have spent far away from each other. A new little baby in a pram meets someone who has just returned from Spain, some have just retired and announce that they have moved here for good. The golf courses are also full of people and reunions. During sociable rounds we have a go on our golf skills. The shops also meet their first major public. Many visitors pop in to say hello and watch for news.

There is expectation in the air - Easter is a premonition – there will soon be warmth and summer!