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Photographer: Christina Ingemarsdotter

There is ice on the Gåsöfjord

  • 20 Jan, 2017
  • Christina Ingemarsdotter

Winter paddling in a kayak, is an exciting way to experience the archipelago. Sun and cold with snow and ice, gray and wet. What else will we meet with today?

The sun and the wind, rain, hail, sleet or snow and daylight are things you think about as a winter paddler. Do we have the safety equipment needed, including extra everything, to make it just fine for a few hours?

It is empty and quiet among the islands, the weather decides and we enjoy what is offered. Everything is good, we are warm enough in our dry suits, even our hands and our feet. Of course, it stands to reason to paddle close to one another and make wise choices.

The seals seem to like our company more than the birds. The birds are surprised and flee while the seals are curious and sometimes follow us a bit. The powerful cliffs and rocks, the beautiful seaweed, the bare trees and the even emptier sea brings silence and our breathing fills our bodies with oxygen and our minds with peace.

Our picnic with coffee tastes obviously better than usual. Maybe we should paddle back after the coffee break. The day is short and words like hurry, stress and rush do not fit. Work and everyday life is like blown away and you have to watch out - this could easily become a nice habit. We enjoy the different colours from the last daylight on our way back home and before the kayaks are ashore it is dark.