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  • Photographer: Vindia Sidhu

Canoeing in the Skara area

Enjoy the scenery in a silent and beautiful way

Glide gently along on the lakes, or go with the flow on the river Flian. Or maybe join a beaver safari at Herrtorps Qvarn?

Lake Flämsjön – perfect for canoeing

At Flämslätt, you can hire a canoe or a rowing boat, as well as purchase a fishing permit if you fancy your chances. Lake Flämsjön is the largest of the lakes, some 10 km around. It is recommended to book ahead, as boat hire is very popular with groups staying at Flämslätt.

Herrtorps Qvarn

At Herrtorps Qvarn (mill), 6 km south of Skara, you can hire a canoe to go on the river Flian, stretching from Lake Hornborga to the larger river of Lidan. You can choose to paddle upstream (east) or downstream (west).

6 km up river from Herrtorps Qvarn is Lake Hornborga. Paddling there and back takes about six hours. The trip is suitable for beginners. No lifting required. Do take notice of the bird protection restrictions March 20-July 15.

If you want a slightly more exciting trip on the river, go downstream. The currents are stronger and you can’t paddle back upstream. To return to the mill, either arrange transport with them or carry your canoe back. The first 6 km normally require one lift, depending on season.

The nature along the meandering river is stunning.

If you choose to continue downstream, be prepared for a section of about 15 km involving several lifts. Flian empties into Lidan, which in turn runs slowly toward lake Vänern at Lidköping.

For current prices, visit the home page of Herrtorps Qvarn.

Paddle vests (floating devices, not life vests) and paddles are included in the price. Only a few children’s vests are available, so please book ahead or bring your own if possible. A dozen canoes are available for hire.

Beaver safari

If you would like to join a group or form your own group with family and friends, consider the beaver safari option. Before departure, the group enjoys a simple meal at the ”Bryggan” restaurant, part of Herrtorps Qvarn. Starting time for meal and information is 6 pm. You will then travel by car with the canoes on trailers to the starting point. The group will then paddle through a beaver colony back toward Herrtorps Qvarn. Duration appr. 2 hours.

Contact information

Skara Turistbyrå

Phone: +46 511 32580

E-mail: turistbyran@skara.se