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Photographer: Katrin Bååth

Diocese and national library

Modern and ancient books from all around the world

In Skara you find both the New Library with modern literature and in the adjacent, beautiful bruick building from the mid eighteen hundreds, there is the diocese- and national library with exclusive specimens of literature from near and far.

Modern literature

The New Library in Skara is a modern public library with a large collection of books and other media. It is a meeting place for all ages and people of all backgrounds. There are books in different languages, for children and adults. There are also newspapers, periodicals, music, movies, computers and free wi-fi. Lectures, talks, children’s theatre performances and other events are frequently organised.

If you want to learn Swedish, there are many types of textbooks and books in easy Swedish. We are happy to order books in your native language or any other material you may need. Large print and audio books for the visually impaired are available. The staff are happy to tell you more about audio books and how to borrow them.

The New Library was completed in 1987. The vast collection was then split up, between the Old and the New Libraries.

Large research department

In the old library building on 3, Biblioteksgatan, just opposite the new library, the research department is open to everyone. The building dates back to 1859, and the interior decor is original. Browse our older collection and archives. There is also literature and databases of local history and genealogy.

The research department has books as old as 12th century and forward. The most famous one, the Skara Missal, has been dated back to mid-12th century. There are some Swedish books printed in the 15th century, but most were printed in Germany. Around three dozen books are spoils from the Thirty Years’ War 1618-1648. The collection is massive; the 18th century section alone stretches over 500 metres.

The research department also holds a large collection of literature from Västergötland, i.e. books and pamphlets related to the county of Västergötland.

You can find the current opening times here:

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Stifts- och landsbiblioteket

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