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Fishing in the Skara area

Try your fisherman's luck in one of our many lakes

Skara has excellent fishing waters, such as the Valle lakes and river Flian. Try your luck catching some typical Swedish freshwater fisch, such as pike, perch or roach.

A fishing permit is usually required, but not in all lakes. You can purchase a permit on the spot, or online at www.ifiske.se. If you have a Swedish mobile, you can also pay by text in some cases.

You can also fish in river Flian, but please note, any trout you catch must be released safely. The ide, chub,perch, pike, tench, eel, and roach you may keep!

If you visit in winter, why not try ice fishing! Imagine the peace and tranquility on the thick ice, surrounded by snow-clad forests. Do remember to bring plenty of food and hot drinks, as well as your own safety equipment. Ideally, you should not go out on the ice alone.

Contact information

Skara Turistbyrå

Website: ifiske.se