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Walking in the Skara area

Enjoy the variety of walking trails while visiting Skara

When visiting the Skara area during spring, summer or autumn, take a walk on one of our many walking trails. This will give you a chance to experience the beautiful scenery and its great variety at your own pace.

In Skara we like to hike. This will become obvious to you when you discover the large amount of walking trails at hand. Like a pearl ribbon, the trails lie spread throughout the landscape and each trail has its own magical touch, depending on the season.


If you are keen on trying out pilgrimage, Skara is a good spot to start. There are unbelievable 500 kilometres for you to discover. Along the routes there are many fine and historically important churches, such as Varnhem monastery church, Husaby church (from the 11th century) and the cathedral of Skara.

Valle area

The scenic area of Valle is strongly imprinted by the the ice sheet that once covered the area and which left befind a very varied landscape. If you prefer older woods, small lakes or rather enjoy an open scenery you will find them all in the Valle area. Typical Swedish meadows are mixed with eskers and a sometimes hilly environment. There are many preserves here and they are filled with no less than 60 kilometres of marked trails. Just go out and find your favourite tract!

Tempelbackastigen (Tempelbacka trail)

This trail is located just outside the centre of Skara (you can start your walk from the city centre). It is about 1,8 kilometres long and runs in a circle. What is nowadays just a ditch - Götalabäcken - was once upon a time a small, flowing water which led to a little lake. 
The most common tree along this trail is oak. Maybe you are lucky to find the Skara-oak, which is told to be more than 350 years old. In spring the ground will be filled with wood anemones, making the whole forest look invitingly bright.


While visiting Varnhem you might want to try out the beautiful Path of the Rose - Rosenstigen. A trail starting at the monastery church, leading through meadows and along a small brook. In this area you will be able to see traces from the Iron ages and onwards. The path takes you passed by Kata Gård and further on you will among other relics see the remnants of an old water barrel, that once was used at the Ulunda mill, now sticking out of the ground, looking like an old ribcage.

Walking along Lake Hornborga

The famous bird lake - Lake Hornborga - offers a range of walking trails of various length, all overlooking the lake. On this page, you will find a full description of the various possibilities.

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