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Welcome to Essunga-Nossebro

Nossebro market

On the last Wednesday of every month, except December, you can visit Nossebro Market - one of the largest and oldest monthly markets in Sweden!

Outdoor activities

At the moment, nature is one of the best places to visit, offering plenty of possibilities for recreation and exercise. Pack the cookies, dress warmly and get out to forest and land, better yet, get dressed for exercise and enjoy an outdoor workout?

Främmestad Folk museum

A wonderful place with old buildings and furnishings, beautifully embedded amongst the green beach nearby Nossan.

Erikson's Charcuterie

Erikson's Charcuterie has produced products of finest quality always from Sweden for soon 100 years!

Backavallen Malma

Holiday accommodation in a calm and comfortable environment.

Bergevi exercis tracks

Next to Bergevi IP in Främmestad just outside of Nossebro there are beautiful exercise- and electric-light-tracks of various distances.

Fishing in Nossan

The river Nossan is rich of fishes and contains a total of 19 different species. Among others, there are plenty white fishes such as carp bream, bleak, perch...


Essunga - Nossebro is a small town located in Skaraborg in West Sweden. Not far from us, there are many other places with wonderful experiences that you must not miss when you visit here. Visit skaraborg.nu to find more activities, restaurants and attractions to visit!