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Kungsö till Hönö från stenpiren

Photographer: Happy Visuals för Visitöckerö

Ferry from Stenpiren to Hönö klåva

  • 20 Feb, 2023
  • Styrsöbolaget

Best way to travel to Hönö klåva from central Gothenburg 2024

In the summer, you can take a direct ferry from Stenpiren travel center in central Gothenburg via Eriksberg to Hönö Klåva. In the northern islands.
On this one hour trip you can experience Gothenburg’s harbour entrance, the major ports of Gothenburg, Vinga lighthouse and the horizon towards the west sea.

On board there are coffee and light lunch options. Hönö Klåva, an old fishing village that now is a vibrant mix of restaurants, boutiques and fishing boats. Rent a bike, hiking or take a boattrip to Vinga Island. 

The ferry Kungsö takes you to Hönö Klåva according to the timetables below.
Price for a Single trip: Adult 95 SEK, Youth (8-16) 55 SEK, Children under 8 years travel for free with an adult. 

Timetable June 21 - August 11 2024:

Departure from:  Tuesday -Saturday      
Stenpiren 10.00 12.30 16.00  
Eriksberg 10.12 12.42 16.12  
Arrival Hönö Klåva 11.10 13.40 17.10  
Departure from:  Tuesday -Saturday      
Hönö Klåva 11.15 14.45 17.15  
Arrival Eriksberg 12.13 15.43 18.13  
Arrival Stenpiren 12.25 15.55 18.25  

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