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Photographer: Lars Nordenberg

Fishing Museum Hönö

History of fishing and war in the Gothenburg archipelago

Want to know more about early fishing boats, how people fished or local war history? Then you should definitely visit the Fishing Museum on Hönö.

The history of fishing

The Fishing Museum is located in Hönö Klåva harbour, which documents the history of fishing and its development here. Learn about the tools and boats that were used, and explore Normy - the fishing boat which is built into the museum. Also described are the tragic events during the Second World War, when 31 fishing boats and 91 fishermen were lost, most of them from Öckerö municipality.

From May to September art exhibitions are shown every week and the Kågen boat is moored outside the museum in the summer months. Take a peek through a real submarine periscope and follow the shipping on the sea outside the museum, or go up in the tower and enjoy the impressive view all the way to Vinga.

The Fishing Museum is an info point

This means that the Fishing Museum has brochures and information on things to see, do and explore in the surrounding area.

Contact information

Fiskemuseet Hönö

Västravägen 3

475 42 Hönö

Phone: +46 31968994

E-mail: fiskemuseet@gmail.com

Website: fiskemuseet.se