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  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Kastor Boat Trips

See the Gothenburg archipelago from a charming fishing boat

Let Kastor Boat trips take you along on their adventures in the Gothenburg archipelago, on board the character fishing boat Kastor from the 1960s. Check out the seals’ rock, try your luck with the lobster pots or arrange an unforgettable party at sea with your closest friends.

Seal safari

Harbour seals can be seen in the waters off the coast of Gothenburg all year round, so book with Kastor Boat Trips and find out where they are! If they’re not digesting their food on the rocks, you’ll find them in the sea - sometimes performing their playful water arts right in front of you. If you choose to go on the longer safari, you’ll have time to visit the famous troubadour Evert Taube’s childhood island Vinga and take a walk around the lighthouse mentioned in his song.

  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

The hunt is on for the black gold of the sea

The fishing waters around the island of Vinga are full of lobster, crabs and mackerel. Empty the lobster pots and crab pots on board the Kastor, and try spinning for mackerel. After the boat trip you can either take some of the catch home with you or have it prepared by the experts and enjoy a three course lobster supper.

Memorable celebrations

Who wouldn’t want to look back on a really unforgettable wedding, 50th birthday party or another grand occasion? Let Kastor Boat Trips make the arrangements for up to 12 people. Working together with other partners, Kastor Boat Trips can offer fishing tours and dinner for up to 80 people.

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