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Steamboat Bohuslän

The steamship BOHUSLÄN was built in 1914 at Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstad in Göteborg for Marstrands Nya Ångfartygs AB in Marstrand. (Marstrand New Steamship Company).

Lenght 43.13 m, width 7.42 m. The steam engine is 700 hp. Speed 12 knots, 280 passengers.

BOHUSLÄN made the route Göteborg-Marstrand-Lysekil-Smögen-Gravarne (todays Kungshamn) for 40 years. The steamer made many thousands of trips with cargo and passengers in summer weather, storms, fog and snow storms until bridges were built and coaches, cars and lorrys became more common after WWII. This made the traffic with ships along the coast redundant. 

BOHUSLÄN is the last coastal steamer on the west coast, a living ships museum with it´s steam engine and boiler in original condition. Though carefully renovated and upgraded where needed to match todays’s rules and regulations. Much of the restaurant areas are as they where when delivered in 1914.

BOHUSLÄN was designated a cultural heritage in 2002 by the State Maritime museums.

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