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Photographer: Walkers Naturturer

Walkers Naturturer / Nature Tours

Guided hikes and kayak tours in the Gothenburg archipelago

Join the Walkers Nature Tours' guide out to the Gothenburg archipelago and discover nature on foot or in a kayak. Enjoy a coffee or a refreshing swim along the way – accompanied by the sounds of the coastal birds.

Nature tours in the Gothenburg archipelago

Walkers Nature Tours will let your senses open up during a leisurely paddle on velvety waters. In Gothenburg's easily accessible archipelago, you can visit the homes of crabs and admire the seabirds and swaying kelp forests. Feel the colorful lichens on the smooth rocks rustle under your feet.


Paddle in a salty paradise

Would you like to experience and get to know the unique archipelago environment from the cockpit of a sea kayak? The tours are tailored based on your own abilities, experience and on all the necessary equipment. You can bring your own refreshments or order delicious food packages from the local restaurant Lilling Cottage. Choose between morning/evening, half day, full day, or a full day with hiking on Rörö.


Guided leisurely hikes

The hikes take place in the Ersdalen nature reserve, giving ample opportunities to marvel at the many ways in which nature interacts. The hikes last about 3 hours and there is also the possibility to experience a bathing adventure from the smooth cliff rocks during summer.
There are morning and evening tours, meditative hiking, and early morning birdwatching called gökotta (May and June).

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