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Alingsås museum

The towns oldest profane building

Get to know Alingsås through different historic perspectives! 

Who was Jonas Alströmer? What happened inside Alingsås manufactory on the 18th century? When did Alingsås became a town of it's own? How has the access to water affect Alingsås residents? 

Alströmerska Magazine, which is directly connected to the Museipark in Alingsås and also known as Alingsås Museum, was built in 1731 on the initiative of Jonas Alströmer. The magazine was originally used as a material magazine for Alingsås manufactory and was visited by Carl von Linné, a famous botanist, in 1746. Today, Alingsås Museum shows several exhibitions in the building related to the towns history, the importance of water and recycled, older objects.


Learn more about the exhibitions 

The entrance to Alingsås museum welcome you to read and learn more about the exhibition called; Among cotton bales and Clay pipes - In the storehouse at Alströmer's time where you will find forms in english. 

The exhibition on the second floor also have a form in english where you can learn more while you walking around the monters, it's called; Water reflections. 

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