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Photographer: Hanna Ahlström

Anten-Gräfsnäs railroad

Ride on a steam engine like in the old days

The summer is not complete witouth a journey on the old railroad between Anten and Gräfsnäs. On this 12 km long stretch there are several old trains running, including a steam engine from 1911.

There used to be a railway all the way from Gothenburg to Trollhättan wich passed Anten and Gräfsnäs, but nowadays there are only this short stretch remaining.

Some of the engines are still running here, and during summer some local spirits are taking the old trains into traffic again.

Join us on a leisure trip like in the old days! The trains are on schedule from June to August, with July being the busiest month. Please check the schedule through this link.

In Gräfsnäs you can go for a swim, take a stroll inte the castle park, eat in the café and take a look at the old castle ruin.

In Anten there is a small café and also a railway museum open some days 

Contact information

Anten Gräfsnäs Järnväg

Antens Stationsväg 7

441 91 Alingsås

Phone: +46322 721 30

E-mail: agj@agj.net

Website: agj.net