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Photographer: Carina Lundgren

Dammsjöås hiking trail

Find the serenity on the trail

Deep, lush forests, soft moss, winding paths. Dammsjöås trail got it all.

The hiking trail takes you from Ängabo, a suburb of Alingsås to Dammsjöås, a small farm were a man called Allan Larsson lived for a long time. Allan worked the farm in the old fashioned way which makes his farm special in these days with a more modern look at farm-work. 
The whole farm looks very much like the farm from the childrens book "Pettsson and Findus".

The hiking trail is about 7 kilometres in total and is mostly on paths and small forest roads. The trail is marked with yellow markings. The trail is a one-way trail, so you have to go the same way back, or find your own way on paths and roads to the north of the trail.

Click here for a map over the trail

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