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Photographer: Marja Fors, Länsstyrelsen VG

Brudkullen nature reserve

A brand new nature reserve with old pine forest on rocky fields

A 13 hectare nature reserve in Fengersfors, 25 km south west of Åmål. Brudkullen is a brand new nature reserve. It consists mainly of old pine forest on rocky fields. Some of the pine trees have probably reached 300 years. That means the trees were plants during the time of Karl XII.


Brudkullen consists mainly of old pine forest on rocky fields with elements of deciduous trees in the slopes. The oldest trees in the area are believed to be around 300 years old. That some of the pines have reached a worthy age is revealed by the so-called pancake bark - a very rough and cracked bark. Unlike the young, brittle, almost paper-like bark.

Rare lichens, mosses, fungi and insects

Besides old trees, there is also dead wood and together they constitute structures that are characterized by naturally functioning forest ecosystems. These structures are currently in short supply in many of our forests. The old and dead trees also create good living conditions for several rare lichens, mosses, fungi and insects.

Nice view of Fröskogen and Kristinedalstjärnet

In the area’s southern part, the terrain is steep and partly difficult to walk in, but when you reach the top of Brudkullen you have a nice view of Fröskogen and Krisinedalstjärnet. You can also glimpse the lake Ärr in the southwest. A parking space and information board will be built at the gravel road, southeast of the reserve. From there you will then be able to get up to the top of Brudkullen via a marked path.


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