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Photographer: Emma Augustsson

The cist in Ånimskog

A 4000 year old cist with a beautiful location

Stone cists were family graves for clans of superior status in farming communities in the past. They were constructed approx. 4000 years ago. This one has been investigated and reconstructed.

The entrance to the cist was closed by a stone, hidden by the packed stones we can see. In the cist and outside the entrance, shards of pottery were found, as well as a spearhead and 14 flint arrowheads – a grave for at least 14 individuals?

View of Lake Ånimmen

The cist I located in a beautiful glade overlooking Lake Ånimmen. Here you will find a picnic table and a lot of flowers in the summer.

A short hike

A white road sign by the road shows you where the path to the cist starts. The trail is about 150 meters long and marked with yellow spots. There is a small parking lot about 50m from the white sign. It can be hard to see because of all vegetation.

Contact information

Åmåls Turistbyrå

Hamngatan 3


Phone: +46 053217098

E-mail: turism@amal.se

Website: dalsland.com/amal