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  • Photographer: Dals Konfektyr, Bengtsfors

  • Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Dals Konfektyr

Sweeten up your vacation

Candy manufacturers who produce a variety of products and have factory shop in Bengtsfors. It is a well-stocked candy shop with lots of good and fresh sweets.


In 1946, Dals Konfektyr AB started a candy production in Bengtsfors. After having had different owners and names over the years, the circle was closed in 1992 when the company recalled its original name and was again locally owned. The owners are Bo Sallmén, Jörgen Johansson and Markku Eira.

Candy Factory Outlet

Especially during the peak season of the summer months, it is one of the major tourist attractions in the area. No wonder! With up to 200 different candy selections to choose from, additionally at a good price, it is irresistible. Here you will find plenty of good and fresh sweets.


Today, more candy is made than ever before. As manufacturer, Dals Konfektyr is known for foam, jelly and chocolate products. Their most popular products among the sweets are the foam bananas with and without chocolate as well as the chocolate covered bear. However, the best seller is by far Dals Gräddkola, a chocolate covered toffee. All products can be found in all the big supermarket chains, well-assorted cash and carries all across the Nordic countries as well as in Great Britain. We also export a specific range of sweets for the US market.

Contact information

Dals Konfektyr

Strömgatan 10

666 31 Bengtsfors

Phone: +46 531 375 50

E-mail: info@dals.se

Website: dals.se