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Dalslands Vilt

Charcuterie with organic and local venison

Dalslands Vilt is a charcuterie with focus on locally produced meat. The deer and mouflon sheep walk in the enclosure next door. The moose and wild boar are picked up in the nearby forests.

The charcuterie opened in 2021 with the goal of producing high-quality products, refined from a local and sustainable perspective. Therefore, they avoid additives such as potato flour and unnnatural flavorings. The natural is always the tastiest! All smoked products are smoked with real alder tree shavings

You can visit the charcuterie in their shop in Steneby. 

Contact information

Dalslands Vilt


66010 Dals Långed

Phone: +46 70 633 30 86

E-mail: info@dalslandsvilt.se

Website: dalslandsvilt.se/