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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Nature reserve - Rock carvings

The largest and most remarkable ancient monument in Dalsland with hiking trail

The stone carvings at Högsbyn, Tisselskog is the largest and most remarkable ancient monument of the landscape Dalsland.

There are approximately 50 rocks with over 2500 carvings from the Bronze Age. These rocks are alongside theLake Råvarp, beautifully situated in a nature reserve. 

Hiking trail

Length: 3 km
Type of trail: Loop
Within the nature reserve of Tisselskog you can not only look at the impressive carvings, but also take a walk of about 3 km on a marked trail. Suitable for families with children, strolers are not suitable. This trip to the beautiful sights will be a memorable day on your holiday in Dalsland.

More info and map

The nature

Tisselskog Nature Reserve is set in the beautiful cultural landscape in Högsbyn on a peninsula in Lake Råvarpen. The sloping species-rich hay meadow is located in a sunlit position on the Dalformation. The formation is the remains of a mountain chain that was formed on the bottom of a
shallow sea more than one billion years ago. The calcareous rock consists of chlorite and shale and supports a rich flora. The area is easy to access both from land and water, since Lake Råvarpen is part of the lake system of the Dalsland canal.

Find the area

Tisselskog is located between Håverud and Dals Långed, just south of Högsbyn. Follow the signs to the parking area. 

Please take into account the regulations of the reserve


Contact information

Högsbyns Hällristningar

Högsbyn 10

66630 Tisselskog

Phone: +46 531 52 63 55

Website: vastkuststiftelsen.se