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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

Bengtsfors fishing license

Fishing license for several lakes

This fishing license gives you the opportunity to fish in many different lakes in the municipality of Bengtsfors. You are flexible and can explore the varied nature and lakes.

Bengtsfors fishing license

The municipality Bengtsfors offers a fishing license for several lakes. This fishing license is valid for the whole family including children under 15 years. The annual ticket costs 500 SEK and 250 SEK for one week. Regulations for these fishing waters also apply to this district-fishing license. Not for trolling! 

This fishing permit is valid for the following lakes

Askesjöns FVO, Ärtingens FVO, Granns FVO, Ivägs FVO, Limmens FVO, Västra Solsjöns FVO, Östra Solsjöns FVO, Svärdlångs FVO, Stenebyälvens FVO, Kesnacksälvens FVO, Fillingsjöns FVO, Bengtsbrohöljens FVO och Råvårps FVO


You can buy a fishing license here

Online iFiske
Tourist Office Bengtsfors: +46 531-52 63 55
Shop SE Skogstjänst: +46 531-619 84
Statoil/ Frendo: +46 531-71990
Handlar`n +46 531-4004


  • Year: 500 SEK
  • Week: 250 SEK 
Contact information

Bengtsfors Turistbyrå

Storgatan 8

66630 Bengtsfors

Phone: +46 531 52 63 55

E-mail: turist@bengtsfors.se