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Photographer: Eva Erlandsson

Luriga Gunnars loppis
Dals Långed

Antiksafari partner

This is the place to find all sorts of things you might need!

Curiosity shop

In what was in the 1950’s a grocery store lays now Luriga Gunnars Second hand. This second hand has all sorts of stuff from records to helicopter router blades. Large supply of kerosene lamps and spare glas. Notice the Volvo Duett parked outside.

Most often open Mon & Tues 5-7pm or as agreed.


Please note that the stated opening hours are a benchmark, to be sure that it is open when you want to visit  - always contact in advance.


Welcome to visit www.antiksafari.com!

Contact information

Luriga Gunnars Loppis

Tallmovägen 41A

66694 Dals Långed

Phone: +46 073 419 68 52

E-mail: gunnar@bjerk.se