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Photographer: Morgan Stenson

Ellenösjön Östersjön fishing area

Shallow and nutritious lakes

Ellenösjön is located in southwest Dalsland and in Färgelanda municipality. The lake "shares water" with Östersjön, which lies east of Ellenösjön. Between the lakes there is Sundsbron and road 172. Valboån runs both to and from Ellenösjön. Ellenösjön is a shallow and nutritious lake with nearby farmland.

The surroundings are typical for farms, meadows and fields down to the lake. Especially the northern edge of the lake. The southern edge has more features of forest parties. More shallow swamps are found all around the lake. The lake has a maximum depth of only 7 meters. This means that in the case of heavy winds the water becomes slightly cloudy because the bottom is mostly clay. Ellenösjön is best known for its fine zander fishing.

Ellenösjön 310 hectares
Baltic Sea 140 hectares.

Pike, perch, zander, burbot, bream, tench, marrow, roach, white-bream, eel.

The whole year. Pike from April to November. Please observe limited times for zander.

Special catches
Zander fishing is the most remarkable of Ellenösjön, although the perch and pike fish can be good as well. There are data about zander up to 9 kg caught in the lake! For the modern fisherman there are also great opportunities to get big breams and tenchs. The inflows and outflows are always "hot spots" but watch out for the limited areas.

At Sundsbron, Road 172: N 58.51089, O 11.99200

Fishing license entitles you to fish with no more than two hand tools per fishing opportunity. Alternatively, no more than three rods by boat regardless of the number of fishing in the boat. Minimum dimensions: Zander 45 cm. All fishing in Valboån and at the mouth of the river within the boars at Lille Vass is forbidden. Limited zone: at Sundsbron, located between Ellenösjön and Östersjön. Between 1 April and 30 June, zander fishing is prohibited. The area is marked with bays towards the two lakes. Eel fishing is not allowed at all. License Supervisors appointed by the County Administrative Board: Jan Andersson, Bengt Andersson, Tommy Kleibrant and Dennis Axelsson.

Fishing license
Day pass, weekly, monthly, half-year and full-year cards. Fishing licenses are purchased at the following locations:
- Preem gas station, Färgelanda, tel. 0528-10713
- Bengt Andersson, Ellenö, tel. 0528-20195
- Sven Hansson, Sundsbron, tel. 0528-20162
- Bertil Magnusson, Stuveryr
- Goodbye, Vänersborg, 0521-220490
- Jan Andersson, Hedenstorp, tel. 0739-923682
- Hans Jansson, Hedenstorp, tel. 0528-20033


Maritime and fisheries issues:
Magnus Andersson
070 - 694 45 69

Anette Berglund
070 - 365 64 99

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Phone: +46 0706944569

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