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Photographer: Stefan Isaksson

Fishing license areas

It's not always easy to find the lake you're looking for, as it can be "hidden" in a fishing area that includes many lakes. Here we try to list them and make them searchable. We have chosen to report them on a municipal basis and to include where there is a municipal fishing license.


Fishing areas in Bengtsfors

With twenty-two fishing areas (FVO), Bengtsfors is the area in Dalsland with the most lakes to fish in.

Fishing areas in Åmål

The fishing in Åmål is good and varied. Here you will find information about all the fishing areas in Åmål.

Fishing areas in Dals Ed

Dals Ed offers many beautiful lakes for fishing. Like the fishing area Öreskilsälven where you will find trout and fares in flowing waters.

Fishing areas in Mellerud - FVO

There are plenty of nice fishing waters in Mellerud. The Mellerud Citizen Office sells fishing licenses to most FVOs in the area.

Fishing areas in Färgelanda - FVO

Färgelanda has several nice fishing areas to choose from. You can buy fishing licenses for several of them at www.ifiske.se.


Many of our fishery areas offer you to buy fishing licenses online via www.ifiske.se. You can buy cards both on the website and through their app. It allows you to buy fishing licenses and fish anytime you want.


Fishing in Lake Vänern

 Both Swedish and foreign citizens are welcome to fish with rods in Lake Vänern. You can jig or angle – or spin, reel or fly fish. Such fishing is unrestricted in Lake Vänern with the exception of certain bird and fish protection areas.

You don´t need a fishing license to fish in Lake Vänern, but you have to follow the rules.

You find the fishing rules and more information here!

Fishing guides in PDF

Read more and print fishing our guides. Here you will find detailed information about the fishing areas and about the nature around the lakes.

Fishing guide - Bengtsfors

Fishing Guide - Dals Ed

Fishing Guide - Åmål

Photographer: Christiane Dietz