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Photographer: Malin Hennix

Medborgarkontoret - Citizens' Office

We help you

At the Citizens' and Tourist Office in Mellerud you can get help with information about the municipality and tourist information about our region.

The Citizens' Office is responsible for the tourist information in Mellerud Municipality.

The citizen's office located on Storgatan 13 is our official entrance to the municipality building. At the Citizens' Office you get help with most of the municipal activities and tourism.

The Tourist Office helps with:
- Tourist Brochures for Municipality of Mellerud
- Information about Dalsland
- Fishing and map sales
- Timetables for bus and train
- Information about current exhibitions and events
- Information about different accommodation options
- Information and sales of maps
- Activities to find

You are also welcome to contact us via e-mail: tourism@mellerud.se or phone: 0530-189 00

Welcome to us!

Contact information

Medborgarkontoret Melleruds kommun

Storgatan 13

464 80 Mellerud

Phone: +46 530 18900

E-mail: tourism@mellerud.se

Website: mellerud.se