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Equipment and methods

This site provides some simple advice about suitable equipment and methods for the Fiskeland area.


Lighter spin-fishing for perch calls for a 5-6 ft spin or casting rod. Use a smaller casting reel loaded with 0.20-0.25 line or a thinner spun line, if you prefer. A thinner line provides longer casts with light lures, but is more expensive. Suitable lures are smaller jigs, spinner, small wobblers and small shiners.

 Spin-fishing for pike calls for a somewhat stiffer rod with more ‘backbone’. This will enable longer casts with heavier lures and will work better when larger, heavier fish are hooked. A 7-8 ft rod is about right with a reel holding at least 150 m line in the 0.30-0.35 class. The same is true when you use a spun, so called superline in order to go down in dimension to cast longer. Good lures include 12-18 cm wobblers, 10-20 g shiners or larger jigs and spinners. In recent years spin-fishing for pike has been revolutionized by jerk bait fishing. For this the rod must be even stiffer, as large jerk baits demand both a stiff rod for casting and for providing the right lure movement in the water. 



This is a common method in Fiskeland when trying to hook large, pelagic pike. While a good trolling equipment is similar to spin-fishing for pike, we prefer a bait casting reel such as Abu Garcia Ambassadeur. It offers a smoother drag brake and it is an extra if the reel is fitted with a counter. That way you have full control over the line length behind the boat. Large wobblers and jigs are a good choice. Today you can also find ‘swim baits’, a combination of wobbler and jig. NOTE! Do not bring lures that are too small for pike.


The opportunity for catching salmon and large trout is also part of Fiskeland. However, success requires a lot of patience. The equipment is the same as in trolling for pike, but with other, smaller lures. Wobblers at 9-12 cm and shiners at the same length are good choices.


Coarse fishing

There are lots of variations on how advanced you want to be when you fish. Starting at the simplest, you only need a float, a rod with a fixed line, a hook and a sinker. This simple equipment can provide fantastic fishing experiences. Should you wish to advance, there’s a lot of fishing tackle in modern coarse fishing. Basically you can fish all species, excepting only fishes that eat plankton. The bait on the hook is what decides which fish will bite.  



There are excellent fly-fishing waters in the Fiskeland area. Catching rainbow and brown trout on a fly calls for a rod with a line in the AFTM class 6-7. Those who have specialized in fishing pike with a fly often go up to AFTM class 7-8. A steel leader is essential for pike as well.


Winter ice-fishing

While this type of sports fishing is popular with local enthusiasts, guests from afar have yet to discover its charm. Safety is part of the picture, as it is necessary to check the ice strength, carry ice dubs and have a safety line near at hand.

These waters are perfect for ice-fishing for perch, coarse ice-fishing for pike and in some sites for lavaret. 


Fishing equipment

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