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Eriksbergs Prästgård
Eriksberg, Herrljunga

Accommodation in unique historical environment in Eriksberg

Eriksberg's Cultural and Interest Association offers accommodation in Eriksberg's Prästgård, close to Pilgrimtrail and Eriksbergs old church in a historic setting.


Stay in a historic setting

Book an overnight stay at Eriksbergs Prästgård, located next to Eriksberg's old church and pilgrim trail. Here it is possible for both smaller and larger groups to rent for an overnight stay. The association also offers breakfast at an additional cost.
The Prästgården can also be booked for birthdays, lectures, parties etc.
Eriksberg Culture and Interest Association offers day visitors a chance to buy coffee with a dip at a lowcost price.
Read more about booking at http://www.eriksbergskoif.se/

In parsonage (prästgård) there also sometimes are arranged exhibitions, musicnights and other events.

Pilgrim Walk

Be sure to book a over nightstay in Prästgården if you are a pilgrimage.
Pilgrimstrail Sankt Olofs, which runs between Vårkumla to Eriksberg and Herrljunga- Gäsenebygdens pilgrimstrail connects in Eriksberg. Herre you can find out more about Pilgrimtrails i the area of Skaraborg.
Herrljunga - Gäsenebygdens Pilgrimtrail goes from Eriksberg to Herrljunga and continues to Karla village, it is about 47.5 km. In Karlavillage, the trail joins Lödöse-Skara pilgrimstrail.
The pilgrimage pilgrims offer a nice hiking in beautiful nature that takes you along old roads, trails in a varied landscape.

Experience sights

Eriksberg's old and new church.
Eriksberg's old church, one of Västergötlands best preserved Middle Ages, is close to parsonage. Originally dating from the 11th century and the King Erik of Sweden. The old church offers mobile guidance.
Eriksberg's new church, situated on a hill a few hundred meters south, was built in the 1880s. The old one had to stand and decay for a number of years before it began to be used again in the 1920s, in parallel with the new one.


In the church there was once a relic shrine donated by Bishop Bengt the Good. Today it is kept at the State historical museum in Stockholm, but in Eriksberg's old church there is a copy of the fine relicshrine

Holy Watersource

The source of Erik the Holy, also known as the source of Sankta Brigida or Gullkällan. This Watersource of sacrifice is located immediately behind Eriksberg School.
It is a famous source of sacrifice that was reinvented in 2006. The water in this source was said to be able to cure diseases and a church bell should have been baptized in this source.

Welcome to Eriksbergs Prästgård and stay in historical and unique environment!

Contact information

Eriksbergs kultur- och intresseförening

Eriksbergs Prästgård

52493 Herrljunga

Phone: +46 0703 243012

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