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Man standing with binoculars and looking out from Trandansen's information center.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

Winter by Lake Hornborga

Hornborgasjön is beautiful to visit all year round. In winter you can view exciting birds that are over-wintering in our area, for example eagles and mountain buzzards. Barbecue sausages at one of the Naturum fire pits, or just stroll in the countryside and enjoy the onset of winter in the beautiful surroundings.

If you want to see eagles, we recommend that you bring binoculars with you and go to Trandansen in the southern part of the lake, where the eagles are generally fed at certain periods during the winter. If you are lucky you will catch sight of the magnificent birds.

At the viewpoints on Fågeludden headland, Utloppet and Fäholmen there are prepared fire pits with log bunkers. Perfect if you want to grill food for lunch or just warm yourself up on a cold winter’s day. Read more about the fire pits here!

On Mösseberg and Billingen plateau mountains you can ski both cross-country and downhill. There are lovely pistes and ski tracks with artificial snow. When the weather allows and there has been a sufficient snowfall, more tracks of various lengths and levels of difficulty are also prepared.     

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