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Biosphere reserve

Vänerskärgården with Kinnekulle

The biosphere reserve of Vänerskärgården with Kinnekulle runs from Sjötorp and Torsö in the north to Kållandsö in the west. Vänerskärgården with Kinnekulle was designated Sweden’s second biosphere reserve in 2010. About forty ambassadors and authorised guides help to spread awareness about the reserve. Biosphere reserves are designated by the UN and UNESCO and there are more than 600 of them in the world today.

What is a biosphere reserve?

A biosphere reserve is an international model area for sustainable social development. The initiatives carried out are to encourage nature conservation, social development and research and education. The word BIOSPHERE means all living things on the planet and the environment in which they live. It could also be described as a “living space”. A biosphere reserve is to describe the interaction between mankind and our surroundings.

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