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Photographer: Jernbruket


Real food with all natural ingredients

In the centre of Floda, next to lake Sävelången and the station, Jernbruket gives dining experiences with an extra twist. The restaurants' wood-fired grill is where most of the food is prepared. It’s in the middle of an old warehouse that was once part of the Floda ironworks. Here you’ll be served with real food from all natural ingredients.

Authentic atmosphere

You can smell Jernbruket’s wood-fired grill as you approach the old warehouse. Once inside you are greeted by the helpful staff in the rustic style restaurant. The food philosophy at Jernbruket is based on cooking being a physical craft, which is why most of the food is prepared over an open fire. Take a seat at your table, enjoy the very special atmosphere and above all the great food.


Ingredients are the essence

Short grill or long is not the important part; it’s the ingredients that are always the essence of the meal. The meat comes from local farmers and the vegetables are generally from Jernbruket’s own kitchen gardens. The drinks menu features beers from selected craft brewers, tasty ciders and personal wines.

Photographer: Nicke Johansson

Jernbruket is part of the network A taste of West Sweden. The network gathers restaurants and cafes that, in close collaboration with local producers, offer West Swedish culinary experiences based on seasonal and local ingredients.

Contact information


Floda Stationsväg 3

44830 Floda

Phone: +46 733 69 61 72

E-mail: info@jernbruket.se

Website: jernbruket.se/