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Photographer: Elisabet Johansson

Odensåker Logården

Exhibitions and local history in scenic countryside

Homestead Logården is a converted former barn, now used as a homestead, a cafeteria and museum. The Local History Society organizes exhibitions and other public events as folk music festival and veteran engine day.

Exhibitions are held during the weekends from March to May with the artists and artisans showing and selling their works produced with different techniques and materials.

Logården is a nice local who also rented out for meetings, conferences and meetings for up to 300 people.

The association's clothing store, an extensive clothing collection, which rent for theatrical purposes, masquerades and other special occasions. Most are from various bygone eras. 


Klockarbolet in Odensåker is one of the oldest group of buildings that stands on its original location. Klockarbolets buildings were constructed in 1600 - and 1700's. The farm is owned by the Swedish Church, Lugnås-Ullervads parish but Odensåkers Local History Society is providing care and is responsible for public tours.
The farm was declared a heritage building 1995th

Watchmakers Museum

Odenåkers Local History Society also manages Watchmakers Museum in Tidavad. The museum is left as is with the equipment, tools, furniture and more. Clock Master Karl Johansson was also a devoted amateur who built their plants all by yourself.

Contact information

Odensåkers hembygdsförening

Odensåker, Logården

541 96 Väring

Phone: +46 738 184 305

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Website: hembygd.se/odensaker