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Sense in Nature

Natural green therapy with forest baths for balance and harmony

Come along with Sense in Nature into the woods and experience harmony, focus, balance and creativity. Laurence Nachin is a guide for walks and forest experiences, such as forest baths, hikes, medicine walks and sit spots, as well as lecturing for companies and the general public.

Japanese teachings encourage Swedish forest baths

Nature and forest therapy is based on the Japanese method Shinrin Yoku, which literally means bathe in the forest. It can counteract stress-related health problems associated with city life and intensive work. Forest therapy reconnects us with nature's positive effect on our senses: it reduces stress, improves the immune system and the cardiovascular system. Read more about forest baths here.

Well-being through connecting with nature

A wonderful walk in the countryside with a forest bath invites you to open all your senses in a simple but creative way. Maximize your senses - smell, hearing, sight, touch and taste - with the unique concept of bathing in nature and forests. Forest bathing walks start from different green areas around Gothenburg and are adapted to participants' ages and physical condition, so that anyone can participate. You do not walk more than 2 km at a very calm pace and a typical forest bath takes between two and three hours. Take the opportunity to try a meditative Sit Spot and a beneficial Medicine Walk.

Follow the guide to the forest's beneficial therapy

Laurence Nachin, a qualified microbiologist, is your guide and teacher in Japanese nature and forest therapy, Shinrin Yoku. Nature has always been an important part of her life; this is where she recovers and finds her power and balance in life.

My role as a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide is to open a door and invite people to step inside. Nature and the forest do the rest in a fantastic, surprising way. With Shinrin Yoku and forest therapy, I found a method that connects scientific facts and a natural, sensual relationship to nature.” // Laurence Nachin

Read more about Laurence Nachin's nature and forest therapy here: Laurence Nachin's BLOG.

New nutrients for your company

For companies, in addition to forest bathing, medicine walks and sit spots you can also book lectures, team building and leadership exercises. A gift card for a forest bath will thrill someone you like. Offer an experience in natural surroundings, filled with presence, harmony and joy.

Photographer: Sense in Nature

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