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Photographer: Peter Lundberg

Restaurant Mareld reopen in Grundsund

  • 21 Jun, 2017
  • Margareta Anderberg

Restaurant Mareld in Krögen, Grundsund has reopened just in time for the summer season. Many well-known Skaftö profiles have returned for lunch again and many welcomed the new innkeepers Bolko Schneider and Ninnie Miltén.

Among the lunch guests were Regina Cederfeldt and Jan Olofsson, owner of the property. Janne, who also runs Krögen's Fisk, will work closely with Bolko and Ninnie at Mareld. Anders Widén from IICA Nära Grundsund popped in with flowers and wished his new neighbours good luck.

The innkeepers well known in Grundsund since earlier

Bolko and Ninnie are well-known to the people in Grundsund.

- Yes, I was here at Mareld three years ago from October to January and stepped in when I was needed. I took care of food, lunches and menues over Christmas and a buffet on the outside at the Christmas market, says Bolko.

Bolko and Ninnie have worked together for a long time.

- "Almost 12 years, says Bolko. We have had several restaurants together in Norway and Spain. I have had a restaurant in Sweden and in Germany before. By the way, I come from Germany and have spent my whole life in the restaurant business and have learned the business from the bottom.

Home cooked plain food

What happens at Mareld now with new innkeepers?

- We will serve home cooked plain food. First and foremost there will be lunch, but also catering. We are planning to stay open all year round, says Bolko.

- There will be After work every other week or when there are no activities at the other restaurants. We will talk to other restaurants to coordinate.

Why not move to Skaftö

Today, Bolko and Ninnie live in Uddevalla. I ask Bolko if he plans to move to Skaftö.

- Of course, why not move here. It's better than commuting. If it works out well here, I'd like to move and settle down here.

Close cooperation with Krögen's Fisk

Are you going to work with Janne and Krögen's fisk?

- Yes, Krögen's Fisk delivers fresh fish to me. Today, for example, we got very nice fresh haddock. I work virtually and exclusively with fresh products, and absolutely no semi-finished products.

Grundsund is well-known land also to Ninnie.

"I have worked at Pelles and worked there seven years ago. When Erik Stridsberg, who ran Pelles, bought Mareld, I also worked here at Mareld for him at that time. So many people recognize me.

"It's great to be back," says Ninnie. It's very nice here, everyone is like a big family.

Friday breakfasts in autumn in Grundsund

Ninnie also tells that in addition to lunch, Mareld will also serve breakfast on Fridays. That is popular both among the craftsmen on the island and among other people living on Skaftö.