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Spring on Skaftö

  • Christina Ingemarsdotter

We stay out until the sun has gone down. Watch it sink towards the horizon and the islands in the west. It's chilly but we do not want to go inside. Slow but sure all life forms on Skaftö wake up. Some slowly, others suddenly. It's time to fix and work...

Now it is revealed one after the other. What the storm took, what the storm brought, what time has gnawed at and what you forgot to do last autumn.

In addition there is desire there - suddenly - to do other things. Rebuild, take down, put up, paint, clean, launch etc. In the spring we look like ants in the sunshine, here and there, aimlessly, it may seem but the result is beautiful.

The restaurants open

Just in time for Easter the restaurants on the island open up. Mareld has provided for lunches during the winter and if you have been lucky there have been tables at restaurant "G" Gullmarsstrand. Brygghuset opened up on weekends in February and will continue so during the spring.

Golfen, mat och möten and Smultron & Tång start up their kitchens for the season.

Pelle's restaurant has new owners and save their energy a little more to make a really good start.

Anemones in full blossom

One just has to see them. The blue anemones at the valleys of Vägeröd or that place that not everyone knows about ... First one here and there and then – enormous amounts!!! The blue anemones stay where they grow, even though there are many, wood anemones keep well for a few days on the kithen table. It is wonderfully childish with anemones in a glass? Excitement of spring is everywhere, but - where's the picnic?

The glittering sun offshore

What would life be without fish? Alternated with meat and vegetables of course. But still, the herring for Easter and the sinful? shrimps on a Friday, not to mention the mackerel in May.

We have a good life close to both raw materials and professional men / women. Those who set off on the vast ocean, which still serves untamed luxury, every day for our sake, and perhaps also their own.

Easter is a struggle for fire

Since way back on Skaftö there is a tradition of competing with Easter bonfires. There used to be more, nowadays there are two left, Värbo and Oddarna. People collect, build and fill. Whose is the highest this year? The quest for Christmas trees for the filling starts right after the New Year.

Every year the same toiling, the same secrets and guarding. Who collects most combustible material, build the highest and make the best fire. The Grundsund local residents with guests gather around the fires, which one of them you know since time immemorial. Sometimes the magician himself participates and decide the fight from the sky ... A somewhat more modern kind of broom, but still.