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Photographer: Patrik Borgehard

Walking among the cherry trees

Valle – fairytale landscape, made for walking

On the slopes of Mount Billingen to the east, the Ice Age has left behind a unique and beautiful landscape known as the Valle District, an area of lakes and gently rolling kame. The area is covered in nearly 40 miles of clearly marked trails, crossing meadows, pastures, and fields. You will also pass through deciduous forests with views of the many lakes. It is a fantastic natural experience regardless of season. However, the cherry trees blossom in May – a truly breathtaking sight!

Trails through a varied landscape

The trails take you through stunning natural beauty, interspersed with grazing cattle. Some sections may require hiking boots at certain times of the year. Most trails require a minimum to moderate level of fitness. Most people manage to cover about three kilometers in half an hour at a leisurely pace. There is also plenty of opportunity for swimming, fishing, and canoeing.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Plan your walk

Using the map ”Vandra i Valle”, you can locate the walking trails, nice swimming spots and car parks. Let the clearly marked paths lead the way, or put together your own Valle day out on foot.

Most trails in Valle are marked with orange signs in the terrain. Flämsjön runt, Rosenstigen and Klostersjön runt have their own symbols which are clearly marked in the new map (coming soon).

Use Google maps

If you prefer digital maps, you can use the walking map for Valle in Google maps where you also find accommodation, restaurants and other types of service close to the walking trails.

Astounding cherry blossoms

You may have heard about the cherry blossom season in Washington, D.C. and in Japan. But have you heard about the one in Skara? During a few weeks in May, people travel from afar to experience when tens of thousands of wild cherry trees in the Valle district put on a spectacular display of natural beauty. White cherry blossoms dominate the landscape, and it is truly a wondrous sight to behold!

See if the cherry trees blossom!

The cherry blossom festivals in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Washington, attract thousands of visitors each year. You are guaranteed much smaller crowds in Skara! If weather permits, why not bring a picnic basket and make a day of it? You can also rent a bike from Fredriksons Vilt, Vin & Pensionat in Eggby or the Flämslätt Conference Centre, to enjoy a more relaxed experience rather than driving whilst taking in the stunning scenery at your own pace.

The actual blossoming time depends of course on the weather, but typically occurs in May and continues for a few, intense weeks.

While you’re visiting the Valle district, don’t miss out on all the other natural sights and experiences the area has to offer. It is also a hiker’s and biker’s paradise, with both steep mountains and deep valleys to conquer.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Good to know

  • The walking trails in Valle are in total 60 km all together or 1-4 km each.
  • All the trails are connected so it's easy to adapt the length of your walk to your liking.
  • The trails are open all year round, but during late autumn, winter and early spring they can be wet. Weare shoes according to the season!
  • The terrain varies from small paths through the forests and pastures to gravel roads.
  • It is only allowed to park on designated parking areas. If the one you want to use is full, you will shortly find anotherone to start from. The area is most frequented during cherry blossom in May.

The right of public access

The right of public access gives us the opportunity to hike freely in the nature, but also gives us the responsibility to never leave anything but footprints behind. Always close gates behind you and keep your dog on a leash while enjoying the beautiful nature in Valle.