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a picture of Silverfallet's surroundings, historical remains and fine autumn trees

Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist

Day walks in Skövde

Skövde is surrounded by a fantastic varying nature. Walk along dramatic diabase pillars, through lush nature and enjoy breathtaking views. A walk through the beautiful nature in Skövde will give you an experience filled with variation and tranquility. We have listed some of our favourites - join us!

Billingen recreation area – Stora Stolan

The stretch between Billingen recreation area and Timmersdala features dramatic cliffs on the east side of Billingen. Here, you will wander past the mighty diabase pillars at Ryd Caves and through leafy forests which take you onwards to the mountain plateau and its meadows. You will also pass the small lake of Vallersjön, which is perfect for a refreshing dip during a warm hike. If you fancy a cup of coffee, Cecilias Trädgårdscafé is open during the summer and Kafé Körsbäret at Berg Rural Heritage Museum is open during the spring.

Getting there: 

Start from Billingen recreation area. Walk north on the Billingen Trail, then turn off after crossing through Högsböla meadows to reach Stora Stolan. Take bus 613 back to Skövde. For bus timetables, visit www.vasttrafik.se.
Length: approx. 19 km
Map: A map of the entire Billinge Trail can be found here.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

The Trollstigen Trail – a walk on three different levels

This trail is the latest addition to our family of walking trails. You can choose how far you want to walk, as the trail is divided up into three sections.

At 2.6 kilometres, the shortest version passes through the lush Rhododendron Valley, leading you through an almost jungle-like landscape below the edge of Billingen. Along the way, you will pass the traces of an old clothes washing area next to the bubbling brook.

The 8.1 kilometre route passes the Rhododendron Valley, as well as the majestic diabase pillars and spectaculars views at Ryd Caves on the east side of Billingen.

If you want more of a challenge, you can take in the beautiful deciduous forests below the precipice of Billingen. Here, you can also explore the fantastic ravines where the layers of the mountain make their presence felt, and see the traces of the old sunken lane that once led up the mountain.

Getting there: 

Request transport via Västtrafik, at least 1 hour before departure. Call 0771-919090 to book your travel up to Billingen. For more information, visit www.vasttrafik.se. By car, follow the signs to Billingen recreation area (‘Billingens fritidsområde’). Go straight ahead at the first roundabout, pass the hotel, and follow the road. Then turn right into the car park next to Billingebadet above the ice rink. 

Short route (yellow markings): approx. 2.6 km
Medium route (pink markings): approx. 8.1 km
Long route (blue markings): approx. 12.4 km
Map: See the sign at the start, or download the map here. All sections are circular routes with markings. The trail begins and ends in the same place. 

Photographer: Tobias Andersson

The Billingen Trail

The Billingen Trail is around 55 kilometres long, and takes you all the way around Billingen mountain. It runs along the edge of the mountain with its fantastic views, down onto the slopes through pastureland and forests, and onto the limestone plateau in Berg with its beautiful flowers. You can choose to walk the entire trail in three or four days, or any of the eight individual stages.

You can see a map of the Billingen Trail here:

Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist/Next Skövde

Garparör – a children’s paradise

A walk through Garparör Nature Reserve is bound to be popular with children! Discover ideal picnic spots as you make your way along the trail that takes you around the reserve. You’ll pass pastures and meadows, as well as a shingle embankment dating back to when the inland ice melted. In the western section, you will see gnarled, pollarded lime trees with their fascinating formations. Let your imagination run wild – what do you see among the tree trunks?

Length: approx. 2.5 km
Time: approx. 45 minutes

Do you want more information about walking trails in an around Skövde? Contact the Skövde Tourism Centre on +46 500-446688 or info@nextskovde.se.