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  • Natur reserve Blängsmossen/Blängs mosse
  • Photographer: Lars-Göran Elversson

  • Photographer: Lotta Stigsdotter

  • Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist

  • Photographer: Mårten Bergkvist

Natur reserve Blängsmossen/Blängs mosse

A mountain landscape

Blängsmossen is one of Skaraborg’s largest peat bogs, and is situated up on Billingen’s plateau. At 430 hectares, this is an impressive area of bog. In the winter, you can ski along the 8 km track through a glittering winter wonderland or by the light of the full moon.

A wealth of flora

Blängsmossen is made up of peat moss, and developed from a stagnated forest. The bog layer has many tussocks and hollows where individual dwarf pine trees grow. Bog rosemary, cloudberries and bog sedge also grow here. Sunk down among the peat moss, sundews catch insects with their sticky leaves. Beautiful heathers grow in the drier areas. Cottongrass thrives here in the summer, giving the bog a slightly dreamlike appearance with its snow-white blooms.

Discover a wealth of birdlife

A birdwatching tower on the edge of the bog offers excellent views of the surrounding area with its wealth of birdlife. From here, you may spot redshanks, wood sandpipers and yellow wagtails. In the spring, black grouse and the solitary tones of the golden plover can be heard. Boreal owls and Eurasian pygmy owls also frequent the area on spring and winter nights.

Enjoy a picnic

Taking a trip to the birdwatching tower with a picnic is a unique experience. Here, you can enjoy the peace and quiet and imagine that you are up in the mountains. There is a car park and an information board on Lerdalavägen. 


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