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Photographer: Henrik Theodorsson/Platåbergens Geopark

Ryd Caves and Ymsingsborg

Majestic diabase pillars and fantastic views

Ryd Caves offer fantastic views of Skövde and the plains to the east. Here, the majestic diabase pillars have slid out ten to twenty metres on the underlying shale. Below the pillars and in the cleft that has been formed, large blocks of stone form a cave-like space.

A sunrise excursion

At Ryd Caves, there is a barbecue spot with wood. There is also a picnic table. Coming here at sunrise is particularly spectacular, as you can see the sun rise above the horizon in the east. Quite simply, Ryd Caves is one of Skövde’s coolest locations.

The Billingen Trail passes Ymsingsborg

Lichens, mosses and ferns thrive in the countryside around Ryd Caves. If you follow the Billingen Trail a little way north of Ryd Caves, you will reach Ymsingsborg – a former Iron Age hill fort. This was never actually used for defence, instead providing a sheltered meeting place for the region’s inhabitants during uneasy times. Today, traces of the fort can be seen in the form of precipices and rock berms. There is also a barbecue spot here, and the location on the edge of Billinge Mountain offers sweeping views. The Billingen Trail runs past Ryd Caves and Ymsingsborg, leading on to a bracing hike onto the mountain.

Parking nearby

Signs from Inga-Karls Väg lead the way. There is parking along the road or up at Ryd Caves. Bear in mind that the final stretch up to the caves is a steep gravel track.

Good to know:

  • Do not leave litter in nature. Everything you bring must be brought back. Together we take care of and protect the nature.
  • Do not disturb the wildlife.
  • The road that leads up to Ryd's caves is a steep gravel road. If your legs are fit and healthy, feel free to park in the pocket below the steep hill and walk up.
  • The best time to catch a magical sunrise from Ryd's caves is in the winter when the sun doesn't rise as early.


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